Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Where do I keep my aprons?

Janice has asked where I keep my aprons, and do I ever wear them? I used to have them all hanging on skirt hangers in the same wardrobe as my tablecloths, but I recently took all the aprons out to photograph them and they are still in a pile on a chair. In that short time, I have sorted out my tablecloths, which means that I hung up a few recent additions to the collection. That in turn meant there was less space in the cupboard to hang other things, so I'm thinking about not replacing the aprons in the same wardrobe as the cloths, otherwise they all get crushed. I am considering packing them in those large clear plastic boxes, which will then go at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Do I wear them? I do wear aprons when I am cooking or cleaning up in the kitchen, but not my lovely embroidered ones! I have a dozen aprons in the linen cupboard along with the day to day linens like teatowels etc. and these aprons are simple printed fabric, or gingham with cross stitch. I guess I should get around to photographing them too, as I have noticed that American women in particular, like the printed aprons.

The only time I do wear an apron from my collection is if we have guests to lunch or dinner, and I will pop one on just for fun, while I dish up the meal. The other time the aprons get 'an outing' is when I take them to show a group of people such as in an aged care facility, or womens group where I'm the guest speaker. While I'm talking about my collection, I have one on myself.


Lelia said...

Your aprons are just beautiful!!

~ Janice ~ said...

Thank you for your wonderful detailed descriptions of where you keep and how you use your aprons! :o)