Sunday, 10 June 2007

Some Crinoline ladies.

This apron was on eBay, described as 'machine embroidered'. I knew by the design that it was no such thing, and won it for $12. Probably my best ever eBay bargain!

Here is a closeup of the stitching.

The umbrella forms a pocket on this apron.
I love the way the sash has been embroidered in satin stitch using several tones of the same shaded thread to give it that subtle colour change.

Not strictly Crinoline ladies I guess; more like Maypole dancers.
This is a close up of the work on the apron below.

This is a half apron. One of the best examples of fill-in stitching I've ever seen. I am sure this was done for an event like the Melbourne Show. Far too much work to just be used to stop drips on one's clothes!


woof nanny said...

Eek! Love the umbrella pocket. Damn, I feel a new collection coming on...

Maggie Ann said...

Such wonderful skill!!!! These are a treat to see Gina, thanks for giving us the opportunity!

dalyell said...

My mother made an apron just like the one you bought on ebay for $12. She did it in purple.