Thursday, 9 September 2010

Three different aprons.

Although this blog is supposedly dedicated to hand embroidered aprons, occasionally I sneak some in which are not hand embroidered. These three came into my possession this week.

I found this one in an opshop for $3.50. It looks as if it is made from separate pieces of fabric, but it is all one piece, printed to look like patchwork. The pockets and waistband are of course separate bits.
One of my colleagues at our Guild gave me this apron, which is machine embroidered, but still a charming item worthy of adding to my collection. Ugh...I really should have ironed this before taking the photo!

Finally, I bought this new apron from 'Gifts Of Elegance' in Eltham - I just loved the variation on the usual "Paris, Rome, London" theme!!

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Pretty half apron with crocheted trim.

A few years ago, there were aprons galore in opshops, but not any more. So when I found this one for $3.50 in our local opshop, I pounced on it! Pretty blue cotton with Dolly Varden ladies crocheted in variegated floss.