Sunday, 22 July 2007

Some old aprons from Hubby's Mum!

Ken's Mum has been cleaning out some more cupboards and found these aprons stuffed into a drawer. She thinks she made most of them, and had forgotten she had kept them! She was probably going to use them for dusters until I came along and begged her not to throw anything out!! These two pictures were taken tonight when I brought them home and laid them out on the kitchen floor. They are all half aprons as you can see, and will have to be well soaked and pressed to bring them back to their former 'glory'! I might have to alter the title of my blog to "Patra's Aprons" as most of these are not actually embroidered...nah, I'll leave it alone!

As you can see, they will all need a good soak before I iron them and photograph them again to put on here individually. Notice the apron at the bottom right corner, with the coloured bands. It is pleated - I've never seen a pleated apron in my life!
Don't you just love this one! Right out of the 1950's!

Saturday, 21 July 2007

More aprons, a variety of subjects.

Isn't this sweet! "Are you coming out to play with me?" one little dog seems to be asking the other!
How often do you see an apron with a teapot stitched on it? Not often enough! This is lovely - very appropriate for serving tea and cake to your family and friends!
This full apron has great sentimental value for me. One of my home care clients made it when she was a school girl (about 1930)and told me she has worn it often. But this lady always takes great care of her clothes, and even this apron has been well preserved. She said her daughter and grandchildren weren't interested in it. Their loss!

The design on this apron makes me think of Paris, for some reason. The horse and cart outside a cafe just looks French! I have no idea where it originated, as it was an eBay win.

Flowers in a basket with a white ribbon in satin stitch.
Oh this is a cutie! One of the prettiest gingham* half aprons I have seen, it has been pleated, and the cross stitch sections are surrounded by lace.
*This isn't traditional gingham - it is another type of material that resembles gingham, and is often used to embellish in the same way.
I am so pleased to read everyone's comments on this blog. It sounds like you are all enjoying seeing my apron collection; I am certainly very happy to make it available to so many people online. The idea of an online museum that was suggested to me some time ago appears to be taking off!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Some more of my aprons.

A few more aprons, which don't fit into any of the categories I have set up here for the others...What's the point of putting 'labels' on them here if nothing shows up on the blog? Or am I missing something?

One of several gingham half aprons embellished with cross stitch and ric-rac.
Detail on the pocket.
My friend Helen gave this to me for Christmas a few years ago. She found it at an opshop in Violet Town, in rural Victoria.
This doesn't need any detailed explanations - everyone knows the Willow Pattern from somewhere!
Vine leaves and grapes; this would be good to wear at a wine tasting!

Apron from around 1930-40 - what do you think?

This arrived from rural Victoria yesterday, and I haven't washed or ironed it yet. I was so excited I just had to photograph it immediately!