Thursday, 23 April 2009

Aprons In The Wind (but only in the U.S.A.)

I received this email today from the Lakes Gallery of Fine Art in the USA:

May 22, 2009
Good Day Gina

Kindly pass this announcement to your apron network. Thank you

Teri Peterson
The Lakes Gallery of Fine Art

2nd Annual “Aprons in the Wind”
A Mother’s Day weekend Celebration!
Fri. May 8th –Mon. May 11th
Fabric aprons displayed to honor women everywhere!
The dedicated aprons become apart of the exhibit and will be hung every Mothers Day weekend for years to come. Be apart – send or bring a dedicated apron to The Lakes Gallery of Fine Art. See web site for complete details

Special Art Mart: Saturday, May 9th, 11AM - 2PM
For details: The Lakes Gallery of Fine Art
N76 W31428 County Rd. V. v., North Lake (Hartland) 53209 (262) 966-1804

Here is the link to their website with all the details. It sounds like so much fun - do you think we could do something like this in Melbourne? I wonder how we could advertise it, and how many (if any!) people would turn up?

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Lovely half apron.

My friend LeeAnn who lives in country Victoria, and finds the most beautiful linen in her local towns - sent this gorgeous little number to me for my birthday. Thank you, LeeAnn!

Saturday, 4 April 2009

More unfinished aprons.

I don't find many aprons these days - at least not the kind I want in my collection, so posts on this blog have been sparse this year. Today I was photographing some other unworked linens, and as I had the camera out, I decided to start photographing my unworked aprons as well.
These three have an Australian theme. Semco was an Australian company, so I don't suppose I should be astonished at the amount of patterns they produced with a patriotic theme! I must have about half a dozen with kookaburras on alone. The one shown here is so beautifully stitched, I only need to stitch a flower on the pockets to finish it off.

Other unfinished designs.

I know I should pull my finger out and get working on all of these, but this one in particular needs to be finished off, as the design is rapidly fading. God only knows how old this is.

I paid quite a lot of money for this on eBay a few years ago, but have no regrets, as I have never seen another one like it. VERY unusual design.
I should be ashamed of myself, leaving this apron in a box with the other UFOs. It only needs bias binding around the edge, and the pocket stitched on - 10 minutes work! I'm not going to put it back in the cupboard with the others. Instead, I'll put it on the dining room table where it will scowl at me every time I walk past, until I get to and finish it!

Children's aprons, unfinished.

Some of these have "school apron" printed at the foot of the fabric. I wonder if that meant the little pupil had to stitch it, or her mother had to stitch it for her daughter to use at school? Two others have "Maid's apron" on them. How society has changed...

This one isn't a school apron. It is actually pretty weird, and I can't imagine a child wanting to wear it!!