Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Two new aprons.

Don't you wonder why people chose this drab material to stitch such beautiful flowers?
Just look at this perfect stitching - the variegated colour thread bring the flowers to life.

Needs a soak, but is clean enough for a picture. I didn't actually bid for this apron. I bid for another one which I didn't win, and the eBay seller very kindly sent me this one to make up for losing the other auction! Wasn't that generous of her? Both of these came from the same lady.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Rejects from the Embroiderer's Guild!

These aprons were given to me yesterday by my volunteer co-worker. They didn't sell at the annual Paddy's Market, so Wanda snapped them up for me.

Nice example of Chicken Scratch on gingham.

Machine stitched, but I still like it - great for St Patrick's Day!

Closeup of the sweet design on this old hand embroidered calico apron.