Thursday, 12 August 2010

Pink gingham apron

My MIL gave me a bag of old aprons a few years ago. She found them in her laundry and gave them to me, expressing doubt that they would be good for anything, but I revived them all! She must have overlooked this one, as I found it when we were clearing out her house prior to selling it. It was badly stained, but good old Napisan did the trick as usual. Pink gingham with machine embroidered trim.

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Two additions to my collection.

Hooray! I finally have something to post on this blog, thanks to a friend in NSW. I had an old cushion cover commemorating a coronation, and offered it to Sylvia, knowing her love of Royalty memorabilia. She was very pleased to accept it, and offered to trade some of her goodies for it. Sylvia has an extensive collection of embroidered aprons, all (or most) of which are different to mine, so do visit her blog for a look.
Here are the two she sent to me - the first one commemorates the opening of Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This one needs a bit of embroidery to finish it, then cutting out the apron, attaching the pockets, and binding the edges. Won't take long...(nor will the other 40 unfinished aprons in my collection)