Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Fellow Apron lovers!

In addition to the links I have provided on the sidebar here, to other Apron websites and blogs, there is another item of interest which is very worthwhile reading. Last year, I was searching for apron information on the Net, and I discovered an article on a website called The article (on apron collecting) was by Carolyn Ellertson, and I got in touch with her to tell her about my own collection. We have been exchanging emails occasionally since then, and I have made a small apron to send to her as a friendship exchange. Carolyn tells me she is often invited to exhibit her collection at various conventions and fairs around the U.S.A. It is exactly the sort of event I would like to do here, if I had the contacts to do it, and after reading about Carolyn's activities I am strongly motivated to start finding out where I start!
In the meantime, do read Carolyn's article, and while you are there, have a look at's website - it is chockfull of fascinating information about all kinds of textiles.
"Up Close And Personal With Vintage Aprons"

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