Sunday, 10 June 2007

Half aprons

A very pretty, beautifully stitched little treasure. If you would like to see a closeup of one of the pockets, leave a comment here and I'll get one done.
Another pretty one. Just right for serving your friends tea and cakes one afternoon!
Crochet trim on gingham was a popular theme, especially these dancing ladies. I have several supper cloths with the same embellishment.
I was in half a mind not to include this piece on here, as it was extremely difficult to photograph, being on such a sheer material. We tried it on dark backgrounds, light backgrounds, and eventually settled for draping it across my back on my white windcheater! The embroidery is exquisite; it must have been hard to work on such thin fabric.
Cross stitch on gingham has always been popular, probably because the materials are inexpensive, and you don't have to learn a lot of different stitches. I have several gingham and XS aprons, but decided to use this one here, as there is quite a lot of work on it.
A simple gingham and cotton piece with cross stitch decoration, and a matching oven mitt as well. I found this in an op shop I think, and discovered the oven mitt tucked inside the apron pocket when I got it home. This one could be used as a peg bag as well as an apron.
This one is from Belgium. The eBay seller told me it was made by a child as a sampler,in an embroidery class at school
This piece has applique trim instead of traditional embroidery, but I couldn't resist adding it to my collection.


Chelle said...

Oh my goodness, these are amazing! I have a soft spot for gingham, so I love those. Are those yo-yo's on the applique apron? So sweet! And the one from Belgium is incredible. I'm blown away by everything you've posted Gina, not just the half aprons. WOW!

Maggie Ann said...

Now your dancing ladies sure look like Sunbonnet Sue's to These are all just wonderful!

Lhassa said...

Du beau travail !