Sunday, 24 June 2007

Aprons with a floral design.

One of my dear home care clients gave me this before she moved into a nursing home. I don't think she actually made it, as she had always told me she never did much embroidery when she was younger, but I still remember her whenever I look at it.
This is definitely worth a closer inspection.

This simple creation is the only one I've embroidered myself. I bought it either on eBay or at an opshop (so long ago I can't remember), barely started, and I was able to finish it off fairly quickly.
Closeup view of the floral heart.

The tiny exquisite stitching deserves a closer inspection:


cinderelly said...

wow, quite a lovely collection! i found your site through flor's transfer site.

Chelle said...

I can't get over what a fantastic collection you have! I really enjoyed the Aussie theme aprons. So much eye candy, every picture is more fun to look at than the last! Thanks a bunch for sharing them, Gina!

Lhassa said...

Magnifiques tes tabliers brodés, j'aurais peur de les sâlir lol !