Thursday, 14 June 2012

Apron Show at Castlemaine, Vic.

Last week I visited the country town of Castlemaine, to attend an exhibition of vintage aprons. It is being held at a historic homestead named Buda. None of these aprons are from my collection, but I'm posting some photos on this blog because I know the readers will enjoy seeing them. If anyone reading this has any objection to my posting these photos here, please leave a comment or email me direct, and I will remove them. Don't want to tread on anyone's toes!

It was fascinating for me to note that not one of these aprons is the same as any that I have in my own collection. A couple are similar, but not exactly the same. I love the half apron made from ties - I will definitely try to make one of those some time with my vast stash of neckties!


Linda Ruthie said...

Thanks for sharing these aprons. So much wonderful embroidery!

Linens and Royals said...

What a wonderful collection, I have one or two in my collection that look similar. The one with the Coat of Arms looks impressive.