Monday, 9 January 2012

Amazing collection of aprons!

Recently I received an email from a lady in NSW who wanted to know more about the reversible apron I featured on here some time ago. Unfortunately I couldn't supply any details as the apron was given to me by a friend who found it in an opshop, and there is no way of telling whether it was handmade or mass produced. This person told me she makes aprons as well as collecting them, and provided a link to her Flickr site. I've asked her permission to post a link to it here, but I'm doing it anyway, as I don't think she will mind! All you ladies who read this blog MUST check this Flickr site out - you will be gobsmacked by the vast array of gorgeous aprons!
The site is


Lisa @ .Simply Me. said...

You have some lovely aprons - 2 of my favourites are on this page (the funny orange one with long people, and the one with the crocheted ladies). Of course the embroidered ones are stunning too. What a great thing to collect!

Anonymous said...

There are sure a wide variety of very unusual aprons on the Flicker site! Very nice~ ♥♥♥