Sunday, 10 May 2009

Wear Your Apron Day - May 11th

Tomorow is The Big Day - Wear Your Apron Day!
I wear an apron at some point in every day. When I'm cooking, or washing the dishes, and that's about 3 times a day. Most times nobody sees me, and I wear aprons simply to cover my clothes, because I'm such a grub when I'm messing around in my kitchen. But if my friends drop in, they usually comment on me wearing an apron, because most of them don't!
If you are reading this, I would really enjoy receiving a comment from you, describing which apron you will wear on Monday! I've decided to wear my new Paris printed apron, as I have just washed and ironed it ready to put away, but now I'll hang it in the kitchen ready to put on in the morning.


Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

Hi, I am currently wearing an apron I made from a window curtain I had bought from a flea market. The curtain is blue and white and has cross stitched tea pots on the bottom. It was quite a large size panel so I was able to make a bib apron out of it. I used blue and white floral fabric for the ties and binding. It turned out so pretty. Blessings,Kathleen

Gina E. said...

That sounds absolutely delightful, Kathleen! Do you have a photo of it on your blog? I'll have a look now!

Kathleen from Eggs In My Pocket said...

You, know Gina, I went back and looked on my embroidery blog and yes, there is a photo. It is all the way back on May 8th, 2008. I am so glad blogger doesn't delete our old posts! By the way, I am starting to stitch on the linens you sent and I will post about them soon! Thank you so much! blessings,Kathleen